J. Burton Jr., LegalShield Member


I was selling a home that I had built and had paid the tax up front when I built it. That was a selling point for the buyer as it saved them money for decades to come. Then the city suddenly said the tax was never paid. Luckily I had the cancelled check I wrote to them years earlier. They said it was going to take 2 weeks to research, as they didn’t know what the check was for. The buyer was going to walk from the sale and the city was un- concerned even though the memo line on my check had tax and lot number on it. I called LegalShield and suddenly I had my answer within a few hours. Not only had I paid the tax, but they had still been charging me my annual property taxes for years. The sale of my home closed on time and the attorney made the city refund all the taxes they had been charging me in error — with interest! —

L. Witte, LegalShield Member


I try not to speed, but sometimes it just happens. My law firm has been to traffic court on my behalf three times for speeding tickets. I have zero points on my license. I can’t imagine how much my insurance would cost with 12 points on my license!

M. Bishop, LegalShield Member


We saved potentially $30,000 when our mortgage company wanted to change the terms during a refinance. One letter from the law firm cleared it up. Glad we could flex that legal muscle.

M. Bishop, LegalShield Member


Our doctor’s office charged us for our annual (free) health prevention exams that was actually covered 100% by our health insurance. They also forgot to bill some lab work tests as routine, causing the hospital to bill us over $600, which would also be covered if they resubmitted it. They refused. So our law firm wrote a letter to them. After one week the doctor’s legal department responded, took off the two wrongfully billed office visits and resubmitted billing for lab work correctly, saving us $1,000. Thanks LegalShield!

B. Jarosz, LegalShield Member


I know the feeling of not having my Will and my estate matters in order. Once I got my membership, I contacted the law firm and they did my will, living will, and health care power of attorney at no additional charge, all covered for free by the membership!

A. Pratton, LegalShield Member


I broke my tooth eating at a chain restaurant. Made a call to LegalShield. They had me send in a copy of my dental bill via email, set up an appointment for me to give my statement to the insurance adjuster for the restaurant, and a month later I had a check in hand nearly double the amount of my dental bill. That’s a huge win!! —

C. Walters, LegalShield Member I


I had an ongoing issue with our internet provider. After having six technicians out with no improvement, just the threat of a letter from our law firm, I received a $30 discount for an entire year plus a new line installed to the house. Problem solved.